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Saturday, November 15th 2008

9:38 PM

I've moved to Blogspot-no ads!!!

I moved my blog to http://www.evilpotpourri.blogspot.com

Come visit!

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Saturday, November 15th 2008

4:08 PM

Bloggers Contest

I will be adding all my favorite blogs over the next couple days...

Check out Kristin Hubicks blog for her newest contest give-a-way!!! I love free...free is GOOD!

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Saturday, November 15th 2008

1:45 PM

Laundry sucks!

Stopping in from under the mountain of laundry to let you guys know that Im going to start making the prim books for Christmas. If you havent seen these before go to my website http://www.evilpotpourri.com and on my homepage (also under the christmas items tab at the top) there is a photobucket picture show going on. If you watch you'll see my "nightmare before christmas" and "grinch" books that I made. I also made some "night before christmas" books. I think a "frosty the snowman" or "rudolph" would be very cute.These are very nice and look great displayed for the holidays. I like to set mine on a gold colored tablecloth with colored lights underneath.Beautiful! If you want a custom order for one just shoot me an email.

Back to the dreaded laundry room for now but Ill check back in soon! Jaimie

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Thursday, November 13th 2008

4:47 PM

Fairy Shadowbox

On EBAY now! If you know a fairy fancier, this would make a great Christmas gift! I have an affinity for lighting my creations and this is no exception. I think it completes the "cuteness" of the piece!


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Tuesday, November 11th 2008

5:03 PM

Christmas & Gourds

Is anyone else getting into the spirit of Christmas? This year the holly jolly spirit has arrived early for me! Im usually more of a Halloween person but Im really looking forward to decorating, putting up the tree (I have a fantastic theme this year for my tree-more on that later and I would like a little snow too if its not too much to ask for!

In the spirit of Christmas I made two of these adorable mice in a rusty tin can. Both are available on ebay now. They are sooo cute!


Last year around this time I discovered birdhouse gourds. You can "renovate" them by painting them and hang them outside for the birdies. I've seen some that were incredible. I couldnt find any local so I decided to just grow my own! I planted the seeds this past spring and voila! Here they are and yes they are supposed to look kinda moldy-they are drying out.


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Wednesday, October 29th 2008

7:57 PM

Im back!

Sorry I havent posted in a while. I have an excuse tho! My hubby has had some health problems and is going on his second week of being off work which means he's home with me and Im playing nurse. I dont know how many artists are out there like me but I simply CANNOT create unless Im alone. I dont like to be watched while I work and I have to have uninterrupted hours of time to do what I do! Do you know how impossible that it to do with a sick husband?! Luckily hes on some pretty potent pain killers so while hes sleeping Ive knocked out a couple altered  art items and just listed them on ebay. Heres a pic and a link.






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Tuesday, October 7th 2008

12:39 PM

Using REAL wings in my fairy art.

I added this to ebay today:



This sweet little fairy has real cicada wings. Every year we have had tons of cicadas invade our trees in the summer. After they shed, some will die and I find them in my yard, seperate the wings, and I USED to sell them on ebay. The sculpters loved them for their fairy creations and I always had more requests than wings. I guess word got out about what I was doing in the cicada world and they didnt show up this year! I only found 2 cicadas and one dragonfly and Im using those wings in my art. IM SORRY CICADAS!!!!!

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Saturday, October 4th 2008

9:51 AM

Just a quick note!

I have an Etsy shop located at http://www.evilpotpourri.etsy.com

Any of my items that dont sell on Ebay will go in that shop!!!!

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Thursday, October 2nd 2008

10:11 PM

Creative Hurricane

Many of you will relate to this...THIS is the condition of my craft table! Two days ago it was clean and organized. Today...not so much Photobucket

But I did manage to make something of all this! I listed these today on ebay!

Photobucket Photobucket

I love making items like these but beware! I have a dark-side and it likes witches, spells, and potions! So some more "alternative" type items are in the works

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Tuesday, September 30th 2008

11:41 AM

Emperor penguins & The View

My 9 yr old son came home from school yesterday with a paper about Emperor penguins. He is so excited because his class is going to sponsor a penguin. They will get updates and watch it grow, eat, meet its siblings, and see its chicks...sure hope they get a female for that last part! I can understand the excitement-check out how cute they are!!!!            Photobucket

Does anyone have a tv program they just cant miss? For me, it's "The View". Sure hope the network doesnt decide to sh*t-can Elisabeth Hasselbeck. She's the only reason I tune in..and its NOT because I like her!

Ive got the grandkids today so artistically Im not sure Im going to get much done. I am working on a cute piece tho..its a little altered baby buggy with a vintage photo of a tot in it. Stay tuned....



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